Uncover valuable opportunities

Use artificial intelligence to organize customer questions on social media.

Save time prioritizing customer care questions across your social channels.

How It Works

Integrate with existing channels

Plugs into your social channels to import customer service questions and requests

Automatically track insights

Uses machine-learning to identify & categorize questions by frequency and similarity

Understand trends

Provides a dashboard to aggregate and uncover customer service questions over time

Deep-Text Intelligence
gathers context and learns from each interaction.


Improve customer prioritization

Understand which customers and business areas are most pressing

Convert hot leads

Respond quickly, convert hot product questions to sales

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer retention with better communication tools

Improve team efficiency

Improve cross-team understanding of customer needs

Improve future marketing

Empower your team to integrate customer feedback into decisions

Remove Spam

Identify and auto-remove spam links and toxic comments

Greet is integrated with

Understand incoming customer service requests in direct messages, live video, public mentions, social ads and dark posts.

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